Day 40: Magnificent Obsession – Love Others As It Was Meant To Be

Day 40: Magnificent Obsession – Love Others As It Was Meant To Be

Day 40: Magnificent Obsession – Love Others As It Was Meant To Be

Day 40 meditation moves pass the relationships for pleasure and for utility to the experiencing of the magnificent obesession of love.

All men by divine decree are social creatures (Gen. 2:18). What it means to be a human being is found only in the expression of at least two people (Gen. 1:27). Although a person has individuality, his identity is found only in the light of another person. He actually comes to understand himself as he see himself reflected in the lives of other people.

Day 40 meditation reveals the three basic relationships that exist between people.

There are only three basic ways an individual will attempt to have relationships with others. The most basic interaction is one of pleasure. A relationship will exist when the participants are receiving pleasure out of their interaction.

This relationship is stable only as long as gratification is being received by both individuals. If a another person is perceived to be more pleasurable, the relationship between the original two becomes fragile. When pleasure is no longer being experienced by either of the participants, this basic relationship will end.

Relationships can also be friendships of utility. Two may enter into a relationship because each person can be of use to the other. They both are receiving some sort of satisfaction from the affiliation. The relationship exists so basic needs can be met.

The relationship of utility can also be anemic. When one becomes no longer useful, the interaction becomes tedious. It will also end when the relationship is perceived not to be of any value.

Day 40 meditation emphaizes the magnificent obsession of love.

Finally, there is the relationship of love. It is beyond the limits of personal pleasure and personal usefulness. Love will never seeks its own. Restraints against personal gain are always exercised. The individuals never claim their own share of things at the expense of others. It is the enhancement of others at one’s own expense. It becomes a magnificent obsession to serve others.


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