Day 37: The Resurrection of the Physical Body

Day 37: The Resurrection of the Physical Body

Day 37: The Resurrection of the Physical Body

Day 37 reveals the difference between Christianity and all other  belief systems: the resurrection of the physical body.

The mystery of life is simple: with every morning, there is a new day, with every spring there is a fresh bud of the flower, with every planting of a seed, there is the beginning of new fruit, and with every forgiveness, there is anticipated love. God has begotten this world in a continual living hope (1 Pet. 1:3-5).

Day 37 medittion declares the distinguishing mark of Biblical Christianity.

The distinguishing mark that separates Christianity from all other belief systems is the resurrection of the physical body. Many believe in some form of the reincarnation of the soul. Many Christians even believe that the soul is trapped within the body and ultimate salvation occurs only when the soul is finally set free from the body. The basic tenets of biblical Christianity, however, declare that the body was created by God to house the soul of man eternally. The resurrection of the body is crucial to what it means to be Christian (Rom. 8:23).

Day 37 meditation emphasizes that the essence of life within a seed comes forth to created a new body.

The planting of a tomato seed in the ground illustrates this vital truth. The outer casing or husk of the seed must rot or decay before the essence of life within the seed can come forth with tender sprouts of life. One pushes up through the ground seeking the light of the sun and another one pushing into the soil seeking water and nutrients. Without this struggle for light and water, it does not survive. This struggle is what it means to be a created entity. It is the established fact of every living creature.

Death and resurrection is the mystery of how God keeps refreshing His presence in the created world. You will once again experience the joy of living because “the God of all grace who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered awhile, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle . . . .” The joy of living is simple: “Can you trust God that He will always bring the morning?” The brightest life always follows the darkest hour. It is the mystery of life.


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