Day 22: Three Worldviews: Why You Think the Way You Think

Day 22: Three Worldviews: Why You Think the Way You Think

Day 22: Three Worldviews: Why You Think the Way You Think

Day 22 meditation emphasizes the three worldviews of man that reveals why we think the way we think.

A worldview is a realities that exist even though the awareness of its existence may not be perceived. Most individuals are often not conscious of the reason why certain actions occur in their lives. A particular pattern of thought that has been developed in the mind of an individual is the reason why the individual acts the way he acts. The way man thinks always forms the basis of man’s action. Man acts not only because he thinks, but because he also thinks in a certain way. Day 22 meditation reveals what directs the thinking of man.

Day 22 meditation emphasizes the three mindsets that govern man’s action.

Everyone has a worldview which governs the actions of the individual. Unfortunately,  most people have not thought through the vital issues of life. The actual living of their lives, nevertheless,, will still evolve out of a way of thinking , a frame of reference. Their mindset will give what they think will be the best answers to the challenges and problems of life. Most individuals simply do not struggle with the real issues of life to develop their own worldview. They simply operate on an mindset that has been passed on to them from their parents, their church, their school, their government, or some other significant other.

A successful worldview must answer the quest of man to know his past, his present, and his future. The quest of mankind does seem to evolve around three basic questions. First, where does man come from?  Secondly, who is man? Finally, where is man going? A worldview that does not accurately answer these foundational inquiries will not provide a sufficient base for a working premise of life.

All that exists in the arena of human guidance can probably be reduced to three basic worldviews: the humanistic philosophy of the Western mindset; the religious philosophy of the Eastern mindset; and the Christian theology of the Judeo-Christian mindset.

Day 22 meditation reveals the ultimate truth of the Judeo-Christian mindset.

The Judeo-Christian world-view is precise in its declaring of man’s beginning, man’s present, and man’s future. Man was created in the image of God a personal being (Gen. 1:27). He now exists as a personal being in a universe created by a personal God who is in the process of bringing that creation to the end for which he intends (Phil. 1:6). The destiny of man as an interpersonal being is to experience all that it means to be a human being (Gen. 2:24). By the supernatural enablement of the grace of God man can live in a perfected relationship with God and with his fellow man.  He is a real person, living in a real world. experiencing a real life.

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