The Breath of God: the Means of the Rich, Full Contented Life for Man

The Breath of God: the Means of the Rich, Full Contented Life for Man

The Breath of God: the Means of the Rich, Full Contented Life for Man

the breath of God


The breath of God is like a golden thread that weaves its way through every fiber of man’s being. Often undetected by the consciousness of man’s mind, it, nevertheless, constantly influences and ultimately controls the living of man’s life. Since man continually strives to experience the ultimate manifestation of life that can be experienced, the breath of God, the essence of life, becomes the heart-beat of every action of man.

The breath of God is the mystery of life.

Sadly, however, since there is mystery in life, all men eventually struggle with simply living. Although every man is driven from within to experience the rich, full, and complete life, it becomes, for most, an illusive dream. The proverbial carrot, which is continually dangled in from of man’s hungering eyes, is never caught. When life comes to the end of its days for the majority of people, there are too many songs that have not been sung, too many books not written, and too many noble deeds not accomplished. The glory of what should have been is never experienced. Very few people ever experience the power of the true intimacy of the breath of God.

One of the major areas of concern, if not the top priority, in modern Christianity is the need to return to Jesus, the expression of the breath of God, as the breath and heart-beat of life itself. With the market flooded with how-to books and formulas to practice in order to gain the heart of God, Jesus, the only way to the Father, has been pushed back to a secondary role at best.

The breath of God is the expression of Jesus Christ.

Almost as an after-thought, stirring, charismatic preachers quickly add, after giving their new found formula for success, that it is only Jesus that anoints or makes the formula work. However, the difference between Jesus helping or anointing the believer to live and Jesus being the actual breath and heart-beat of the believer’s life is the issue that has plagued mankind since the Garden of Eden. It is the difference between religion (being defined as what man does for or to God) and the true breath of God, Jesus Christ.

Ignorance of the breath of God frustrates the life of God.

Although all men have been graced to experience the life of God, most men fail to experience that life because grace is bestowed upon them in vain (1 Cor. 15:10; 2 Cor. 6:1). Surprisingly, it is the pursuit of life by man that always frustrates the breath of God in man.

Paul seemed to be expressing that thought when he wrote to the Romans concerning the Jews: 

For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God (Rom. 10:3).

Is it not the “going about to establish their own righteousness” that prohibited them from “submitting themselves unto the righteousness of God?” Mysteriously, man’s pursuit of life always frustrates the life of God already given to him.

The power of the breath of God, the expression of Jesus Christ, is the only salvation for man.

The only cure for this messenger of Satan that keeps inflicting its deadly wound upon the heart of man is the revelation of the grace of God, the power of the breath of God. It is only the gospel of Jesus Christ (the good message which proclaims that God the Father has sent his Son into the believer’s life to baptize him with his Spirit to take the believer where he would not and could not go himself) that saves and keeps man (1 Cor. 15:1,2). The only way man will ever be changed and stay changed is to experience the free flow of the breath of God that dwells within him. Man must come to understand that Jesus Christ, the expression of God, is indeed the breath of God for his life.

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