Day 19: The Coming of Christ: A Reality You Must Experience

Day 19: The Coming of Christ: A Reality You Must Experience

Day 19: The Coming of Christ: A Reality You Must Experience

Day 19 meditation reveals that you can experience the coming of Christ again, again, and again as the needs in your life dictates.

A human being is a creature of two different worlds. He is a flesh and blood body that has been quickened by the breath of life, the Spirit of God (Gen. 2:7). Since the body is inanimate material, it has to be infused with life by a force outside of itself. The spiritual has to penetrate the physical before life can be experienced by that which has no life.

From the planting of a seed to the coming forth of the kingdom of God among men, the miracle of this life is consistent in how it occurs. The outward husk of the seed must be destroyed before the essence of new life within can come forth in its glory (John 12:24). The kingdoms of men, as in the interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 2), must be broken into pieces before the means of their annihilation (the coming of Christ) spreads forth in a great nation of God filling the whole earth. The coming forth of the miracle of life within the created world always comes forth in the labor pains of physical death–the dying to something in the earthly domain. Day 19 explains how Jesus comes into your life through the actual struggles of life.

Day 19 meditation proclaims how the “Day of the Lord” comes to you.

This moment of time, when the essence of the Spirit breaks forth out of the flesh, came to be known in the prophecies of the Old Testament and the teachings of the New Testament as the “Day of the Lord.”   It was a special time; a special day when God’s will and purpose in the created world would be fulfilled. It is how God continually manifests his presence in the created world.

You can live in the expectancy that in every crisis that life brings your way, Jesus will come to bring restoration. As the old is being brought to its end,  the new will be ushered in by the coming of Christ. This is the eternal hope of every believer in Christ. Jesus will come again and again and again with his power of deliverance to save you from the present pressure of life. Come, Lord Jesus!

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