Fundamental Truths of Christian Living for Your Life

Fundamental Truths of Christian Living for Your Life

Fundamental Truths of Christian Living for Your Life


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The Bible study course Fundamental truths of Christian living examines several question. If Christianity is abundant life (John 10:10), why does it seem that so many Christians actually do not reign in life? Also, if “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church” (Matt. 16:18) why do so many local churches actually struggle to stay alive.

The remedy for these all too often anemic conditions can be found in exploring Fundamental Truths of Christian Living.  With the Bible study emphasizing the unique Christian world view of life, it centers on three noble truths of Christianity.

1. The good life is always in, by, and through the grace of God (1 Cor. 15:10).

2. The good life is always in, by, and through relationship with others (1 Thess. 2:19-20).

3. The good life is always in, by, and through the innocence of mind (1 Pet. 5:5).

Fundamental truths of Christian living proclaim the solution for the problems of life.

The question for all who find themselves struggling with home, with friends, and with purpose in life is, “how do we attempt to solve the problems of a life that we know should be more than it is?” Do we use a lollipop, a band-aid, or the final solution?

When a young child is frustrated or is struggling with some childish issue of life, the parents will often hand them a lollipop. The tasty sweet will bring relief from the stress of the problem by allowing the mind to escape temporarily to something pleasurable. The struggle of the child is replace with the sweetness of candy.

Fundamental truths of Christian living are not about lollipops.

Lollipops create a world of illusions where the participants seek to override the sufferings of life by continual enjoyable experiences. The problem with going through life seeking lollipops should be obvious. It never addresses the real issues of the mystery of life. It also continually requires bigger and better lollipops.

Whereas lollipops attempt to ignore the problems, band-aids do actually address the issues. Their tendency however is to treat the symptoms of the disease rather than the actual problem. For example, most marriage and family experts state that one of the leading problems concerning meaningful relationships is lack of communications. The band-aid approach to solving the problem is to teach the participants communication skills.

Fundamental truths of Christian living are not about band-aids.

While band-aids do treat the symptoms, such as increase flow of communication, they often ignore the real cause of the problem.  The final solution, in our example of increase flow of communication, will have to address why communication between people is so difficult. In treating the symptoms, band-aids can also create a world of illusions, giving what looks to be quick success but long-term failure.

In the reality of the human experience, there are certain times in the lives of most people where a lollipop, and nothing but a lollipop, is desired. Or, the use of band-aids are the over-riding means of therapy. It seems that only on rare occasions is the final solution sought by man.

Fundamental truths of Christian living are not about band-aids.

In the course of these 15 sessions on basic principles of Christian living, it is the final solution that will be emphasized. Although there may be a few lollipops and band-aids sprinkled into the mix, the foundations of life itself will be the focus. Whether we understand it or not, all of the struggles we encounter in our relationships–marriage, family, and friends–are the foundational struggles of life itself.

fundament truths of christian living

The thumb represents the first person (Adam). Before he could experience a life of fulfillment, he had to be put to sleep. His current world of experience came to an end.

While he was asleep, the essence of the second person was taken from his side. The little finger represents the second person (Eve).

God took the rib from Adam, formed Eve, and then presented her back to Adam.  When the second person was joined to the first person, it produced a third entity–the relationship between the two individuals.  Now, there were three–the image and likeness of God was completed.

The index finger represents the image of God–the manifestation of the likeness of the Son of God between the two. It is how flesh and blood bodies enter into and experience the kingdom of God. The entire process is the mystery of life demonstrating the three noble truths of Christianity.



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