Resurrection Event: What the Bible Says About Resurrection in Life

Resurrection Event: What the Bible Says About Resurrection in Life

Resurrection Event: What the Bible Says About Resurrection in Life


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What the Bible says about the resurrection event can be illustrated by a simple question,”What does a rose, an apple, a tomato, and you have in common?”

Each much go through a seed-time to produce the harvest of its life.

The resurrection event can be experienced through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The rose, the apple, and the tomato, however, do not agonize and worry through the natural progress of their development. By receiving the promise of God (Acts 1:4), you, too, can be enabled to go through the struggles of your life with power.  Instead of blaming some outside evil force for your current perceived misfortune, you can enjoy the serenity of knowing that God is in control.  Sailing through life with the right frame of mind (understanding the resurrection event of the way of life) will always enable you to have peace and a sense of justice even in the current moment of baptism in and through the Holy Spirit.

The resurrection event, the resurrection of the body, is the hope of all creation.

For example, the morning always follows the night. Spring time comes out of the winter. The bloom of the flower occurs because of the planting of a seed. The ultimately expression of love grows out of the death of individual rights. God has created the entire world in the living hope of the resurrection of the body (Gen. 8:22). In the resurrection event of the way of life exaltation always follows humiliation.

Baptism occurs when anything in the created world is taken down to be raised up again in newness of life. Death is not only an established fact of everything that is created. But, that which dies will stand up again through the power of the essence of life that dwells within. This is the eternal glory to which the created world has been called. This is the resurrection of the body, the resurrection event, that is the hope in experiencing life as a Christian.

God will not suffer his holy one, the essence of life, to see corruption. Every time the seed (the outward manifestation of anything that has the essence of life within) falls to the ground and dies, it will bring forth abundant life. As Jesus stated, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit” (John 12:24). It brings forth fruit because the life within it is eternal; it never dies. The resurrection event experienced in life is the hope of the human dilemma, having the treasure of life in an earthen vessels.

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The “Resurrection Event: What the Bible Says About Resurrect in Life” is six forty-fifty minutes recordings examining the mysteries of the ways of life. It can be immediately downloaded to your computer.


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