Acts Bible Study – Part 1: the Manifestation of the Risen Christ

Acts Bible Study – Part 1: the Manifestation of the Risen Christ

Acts Bible Study – Part 1: the Manifestation of the Risen Christ


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Acts Bible study (Part 1) examines the ascension of Jesus. It also looks at the phenomenal events of Pentecost. It records the first martyr of the Christian faith. It will emphasize the colossal events of Peter’s life. It  reveals the supernatural working of God in the early days of the church.

The history of the church has the early followers of Jesus spreading from Jerusalem to Rome.  Their journey leaves no question to the manifestation of the risen Christ in their lives.  The Acts Bible study reveals the development of early Christianity as being beyond the control of human endeavor.

It was not the product of human achievement but the manifestation of Jesus Christ in the lives of the apostles. With its many references to the Holy Spirit, the development of the early movement of Christianity was beyond the control of human endeavor.

Acts Bible study examines the manifestation of Jesus after his death.

The Acts records the supernatural manifestation of Jesus in the lives of the early followers of Jesus.  There are listed thirty-six definitely divine interventions. People are healed as the shadow of Peter passed over them (Acts 5:15). Phillip is transposed from one location to another (Acts 8:39). A young girl is raised from the dead (Acts 9:40-41). A man was made blind because he was causing problems among the people (Acts 13:8-11). In thirty years, there were over thirty-six recorded times where Jesus manifested himself in spectacular interventions of his divine power.

The early history of the church reveals six definite visions. Also, there was five other experiences that would be called visions today. Eleven times the visual manifestation of Jesus produced fresh, new, and vital inspiration. The visions of Cornelius, Peter, Ananias, Paul and others gave new direction. The people were being directed by God’s intervention.

Fourteen times the believers heard in an audible voice the voice of an angel of the Lord. Seven times events occurred that could only be called signs and wonders.  Thirty six times Jesus was manifested in a spectacular superhuman way in ordinary human beings.

The wonder of the thirty-six marvelous miracles is astonishing. Yet, it is actually the ordinary daily manifestation of Jesus that is extraordinary. The most striking characteristic revealed in this Acts Bible study is the revelation of extreme joyfulness. As Peter would later say, the way of Christ is always “joy unspeakable and full of glory” (1 Pet.1:8).

They knew the risen Jesus as the Lord, the Christ. They saw him as the servant of the Father and the son of the Father. They experienced him as the Savior, the Prince of Life, and the Righteous One. They knew him as the Lord of all. This understanding of the risen Jesus produced the ultimate characteristic of the joy of the Lord in their lives.

Acts Bible study (Part 1) emphasizes the role of Peter in the early history of the church.

The Acts is the telling of the story of the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It reveals the movement of the church from Jerusalem, to Judaea, to Samaria, and to the rest of the world.  Peter is in the forefront before and after Pentecost. He became the individual that would carry the history of the story.

It was Peter who explained what happened on the feast of Pentecost.  He took the lead in the healing of the  impotent man. Peter was the spokesman for the believers before the Sanhedrin. It was Peter who condemned Ananias and Sapphira.

Many people were healed as Peter’s shadow passed over them. It was Peter who spoke and confronted Simon, the sorcerer. Dorcas was raised from the dead and Aeneas was healed. It was Peter that introduced the gospel to the Gentiles. He would later explain to the rest of the Jewish Christians that the opportunity of hearing the gospel was now open to the Gentiles. Finally, this section of the Acts (Chapters 1-12) ends with Peter being miraculously delivered out of prison.

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