Letters of John: A First Century View of Jesus

Letters of John: A First Century View of Jesus

Letters of John: A First Century View of Jesus


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Letters of John have a profound challenge for the modern church. Too many, it seems to be the best of times. Television stations are flooded with Christian programming. Radio airways are saturated with religious broadcasting. The printing presses are turning out a multi-million dollar business of church literature. The modern day church has no equal in any age in the promotion of itself to the world.

Magnificent church cathedrals are being built in city after city. Most congregations are actively pursuing more and better-trained ministry. Supporting multi-million dollar budgets, the contemporary church has become big business.

In-depth training materials from personal money management to the operation of the spiritual gifts are readily available for everyone. The present day church, with its emphasis on reaching every age group, now offers a wide range of ministries to meet the needs of everyone.

For the first time ever in the history of the church, a new term, the mega-church, has been created to describe its success. With all of its multi-facet programs and activities, the modern day church should be judged as reaching an all-time high of spiritual excellency.

Letters of John proclaim that all is not well with the modern church.

What the church was meant to be is about Jesus. It is not about man’s purpose or man’s potential. It actually is the realm where the influence, the recognition, and the realization of man should decreases. Conversely, the nearness, the manifestation, and the revelation of Jesus should increases (John 3:30). The church should exist in the manifestation of Jesus among the people (Eph. 1:22-23).

The simple preaching of Jesus has been replaced. Multi-task obligations are emphasized to lay up treasures for the next life. Many encourage the believer to become all they can be by their own positive thinking. Christianity has lost its Christ-centeredness. It has become participant-centered.

Letters of John brings Jesus to the forefront of Christian belief.

When we fully understand what the letters of John are saying, it should cause us to consider seriously our ways. In this day of one program after another.  Each program designed to call the believer to greater effort. Or, they are intended to incite him into zealous action. The emphasis is always on the believer. Yet, the letters of John are calling us to return to Jesus (1 John 1:1).

May the church once again move away from being participant-centered. Let it become Christ-centered. For, after all is said and done, every message that is recorded in the New Testament is a message about Jesus. More specially, it was the resurrected Jesus that was the heart-beat of the early church (Acts 2:22-24). The purpose of this Letters of John Bible Study Course is to bring the focus of the visible church back to Jesus.

Letters of John proclaims the love of God is to be experienced in the connections of believers.

The coming of Christ as seen in your life is the ultimate fulfillment of God’s purpose in sending his son to be clothed in human flesh. John use the word “know” 42 times, the phrase “in him” 28 times, and the word “abide” 25 times in the 105 verses of his first letter.  He desired that his first readers (and you) to know, to experience, the manifestation of God in their lives. John summarized that work of the Spirit in the fellowship of believers in one word, love. John used the word “love” 33 times in the 105 verses of his first letter. He illustrated how Christ is manifested, once again, in the flesh–by love that is experienced in the connections of believers.

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