Acts Bible Study Part 2 – the Manifestion of the Risen Christ

Acts Bible Study Part 2 – the Manifestion of the Risen Christ

Acts Bible Study Part 2 – the Manifestion of the Risen Christ


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Acts Bible study part 2 completes the story of the history of the early followers of Jesus.  The focus of the manifestation of Jesus in Acts comes primarily through the lives of two men, Peter and Paul. There are striking parallels in the events of their lives.

They both had the healing of a cripple in their journey. Healing in both of their ministries occurred by strange means: the shadow of Peter and the clothing of Paul. They both also have an encounter with an sorcerer. During both of their preaching, a person was raised from the dead.  They both were miraculously set free from prison.

Acts Bible study part 2 establishes the life Paul.

Paul is introduced to the reader of Acts at the stoning and death of Stephen. The persecution of the believers by Paul and his conversion to the faith which he fought brings him into focus for the second part (Chapters 13-28) of Acts. After his conversion on the Damascus road, he began his mission journeys with Barnabas from Antioch.

Acts Bible study part 2 has us traveling with Paul as he experiences the will of God.  Miracles, signs and wonders, and unbelievable persecutions give record that Jesus was alive and at work in his life. The relationships that were recorded between Paul and the many groups of believers that were formed in his journeys can only be described as a love that is beyond the knowledge of this world.

During the last twelve days in Jerusalem Paul faced great persecutions for preaching the gospel (Acts 23:10-15).  In a tremulous journey across the great sea to Rome, Paul faced great peril and danger (Acts 27:1-44). His final days as a prisoner in Rome found him chained to a Roman guard (Acts 28:16).  The life of  Paul, although facing many tribulations and persecutions, amply demonstrated that he was experiencing the resurrection power of the risen Jesus.

Acts Bible study part 2 closes with Paul preaching the kingdom of God.

While confined by Rome, Paul preached to the many people that came to see him. Even though some believed and some did not, Paul was consisted in “preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him” (Acts 28:31).

The manifestation of the risen Jesus, as in the lives of Peter and Paul, is the recorded history of how the church went forth from Jerusalem to Rome. It is the story of the continuing ministry of the risen Jesus among his people. Revealing the power of God intervening into the affairs of man, the record of Acts forever proclaims the wonder of God’s miraculous deliverance of man. Jesus has risen and he lives.

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